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Before Your Initial Consultation

When you schedule your consultation, you will receive an emailed invitation to fill out our online intake questionnaire. You must complete the questionnaire at least 4 hours before your appointment so we can review your health history before you arrive. That way, we can use our time together to focus on your needs and goals.


Please understand we are unable to begin your initial consultation if we do not receive your intake questionnaire and will need to reschedule your consultation. If you have any difficulty accessing our questionnaire, please contact us as soon as possible.

Your Initial Consultation

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During your initial consultation, we will review your health history and lifestyle, and discuss your current health and wellness goals. If we decide together that it makes sense to continue, we will schedule a comprehensive exam of your spine and nervous system to discover how well you are adapting to life.

Your Comprehensive Exam

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Neural Efficiency Scans

Your comprehensive exam begins with cutting edge technology that measures your heart rate variability and performs a thermal scan and an sEMG scan of your spine.

  • Heart Rate Variability tells us how well you're adapting and how much energy you have in reserve.

  • The thermal scan gives us insight into your spinal blood flow and autonomic nerve function.

  • The Surface Electromyography (sEMG) scan tells us how your postural muscles in your spine are coordinating, which reveals imbalances in your spine's behavior.

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​After your scans, we perform additional analyses and assessments to ensure we have a full picture of your current state of health, including:

  • Digital Posture Analysis

  • Dual Scale Weight Distribution Analysis

  • Spinal Movement Analysis

  • Manual Muscle Assessments (proper joint and nerve function)

When indicated:

  • Sensory and reflex testing

  • Referral for x-rays or advanced imaging

Your Detailed Review of Findings

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Dr. Jason personally reviews all of the information we gathered about your health, your spine, your body, and your goals during your initial consultation and comprehensive exam and writes a detailed report bringing all the details together for a complete picture of where you are in your health, how it relates to your goals, and how care can help you achieve your goals, change your life, and live the life of your dreams!

Dr. Jason will meet with you in person or through secured video chat, whichever works best for your schedule, to go over your detailed report of findings, answer any questions you have, and discuss your personalized care plan, together with payment options. 

Say YES to Yourself Today!

Take the first step toward aligning with yourself and your purpose so you can live the life of your dreams!
You are the only limit to what you can achieve with NetworkSpinal® Care!
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