Initial Consultations

Before Your Consultation

Once you schedule your consultation, you will receive an emailed invitation to fill out our online intake questionnaire. We need you to complete the questionnaire at least 4 hours before your appointment so we can review your health history before you arrive. That way, we can use our time together to focus on your needs and goals. We are unable to begin your initial consultation if we do not receive your intake questionnaire and will need to reschedule your consultation. If you have any difficulty accessing our questionnaire, please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Are You Ready
to Evolve?

You are invited to have an initial consultation so we can get to know each other, discuss your health and wellness goals, and find out if receiving NetworkSpinal Care at Evolve Chiropractic is the right fit for you.

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What to Expect

During your initial consultation, we will review your health history and lifestyle, and discuss your current health and wellness goals. If we decide together that it makes sense to continue, we can schedule a detailed exam of your spine and nervous system to discover how well you are adapting to life.

After Your Consultation

If we decide to partner together to help you achieve optimal health, you can schedule a detailed evaluation of your spine, nervous system, and any concerns you may have.

Spinal Wellness Evaluations Include:

  • Digital Posture Analysis

  • Dual Scale Weight Distribution

  • Neural Efficiency Scans:

    • Spinal Thermography (giving insight to spinal blood flow and autonomic nerve function)

    • Surface Electromyography of Postural Muscles (evaluating how your spinal muscles coordinate, revealing and imbalances in your spinal behavior)

    • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measuring your adaptability and energy reserve

  • Motion Palpation (evaluating spinal movement)

  • Manual Muscle Testing (assessing proper joint and nerve function)

When Indicated:

  • Sensory and reflex testing

  • Referral for x-rays or advanced imaging