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Pain and What it Can Mean

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*the information and images on this page are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose or suggest self-care remedies for any medical conditions. We can only make specific care or self-care recommendations after reviewing your history and performing a thorough physical evaluation.

Pain is a message from your body that can mean many different things:

  • Something is damaged/injured

    • Tissues are healing and need to be protected.

    • The body's mechanics are off and tissues are becoming inflamed.

    • The body can't keep up with the toxins you are taking in.

      • food​ and beverages

      • medications

      • pollution or other toxins in your environment

      • substances applied to your skin

  • Something needs to change.

    • The body is out of balance.​

    • Life is out of balance.

    • Feeling emotionally stuck and unable to accept the current circumstances.

  • A calling for more energy

    • There isn't enough energy to adapt to a force, stress, or other challenge.

    • Not being able to manage one's experience.

    • Not making enough progress or not making progress fast enough

  • A deeper calling of purpose:

    • Not knowing your gifts​

    • Not having your gifts received

    • Not accepting others, situations, or experiences as gifts