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Updated: Apr 5

One of the constant frustrations on our journey to Evolve at Home has been Texas water. It is probably the hardest water in the USA. I'm convinced every single mineral known to man must be dissolved in it and no run of the mill filter will help. I don't care what those shower handle filter bead products on Amazon claim (and yes I tried one... sigh).

Allow me to entertain you with some of my run-ins with hard water and natural shampooing... I bet you know where this is going, ladies. Around 2011, I discovered the alternative shampoo scene. Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda (aka "no-poo"), co-poo (conditioner only), and of course using various natural soaps like castile soap. These blogs would proclaim the wonders of using these natural substances to clean hair. Best hair in their lives! You probably know what I'm talking about.

So, fledging Jenna on her "get the detergent and chemicals out of my life" journey jumped onboard that train and didn't [want to] look back. I started with "no-poo" method. I was so devoted to letting my hair "detox" so I could experience the promised wonder of the no-poo method. The result? I lived a month with greasy, miserable, itchy hair that never improved. I finally just washed it, conditioned it, and ohmygoodness the relief I felt. I can still remember it 10 years later.

I imagine you can follow the train of misery that I was on while exploring these alternative hair washing methods. I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say, I went right back to using the best I could find shampoo and conditioner. The shampoos I had used since then had plant derived sulfates, but that's the only thing I could get clean hair with. I later learned that the hard water in Texas basically killed any hope I had of using a detergent free shampooing method. Oooooh... All those months desperately trying those "no-poo" methods... Sigh.

Fast Forward to 2021


I decided around 2020 that we needed to bite it and get a whole house water softening system installed for the sake of our skin and hair. But I just couldn't commit to it. I was determined to find a budget friendly way to get soft water to shower in! (Determined Jenna is a force to reckon with, just ask Dr. Jason.)

Enter Stage Right - Water Sticks

After searching to what I felt had to be the end of the internet, I stumbled onto Water Sticks' website. Water Sticks, Inc. is a family owned/operated company here in the USA, building IN-LINE (yes you read that right) water softeners for showers called ShowerSticks from parts sourced in the USA. I cannot express to you the joy and triumph I felt in that moment. I devoured the information on their website and was convinced this was our solution.

The softener is $240 and the maintenance is pennies a month. If maintained properly, it lasts up to 10 years! WHAT!? Yes! The suggested water filter (also in-line) is $34. The filter works for a year, so the annual investment for that is very small. So, for an initial investment of $273, you can have beautifully softened and filtered water in your shower. How AWESOME is that!?


If you have experience changing out shower heads, you can successfully and quickly install a filter and a ShowerStick. If you don't have experience, cruise on over to Water Sticks' website for their great installation video (<-click there for the video).


This part is a breeze. All you need is warm water and that cheap table salt you can buy at any grocery store (you know the one - cardboard tube with the little metal pour spout). Just follow the directions. It takes all of 10 minutes and you're set. The company sends you a test kit to make sure your water is soft after resetting the softener. Water Sticks' website states most of their customers end up doing weekly maintenance, which, based on my experience, is a good recommendation for Texas water.


Oh, how to describe the bliss of softened water. It is the absolute best water experience ever. We're talking silky feeling (yes, silky) water that rolls over your skin and works like a dream with soap and shampoo! It's absolutely true that you only need to use half the amount. I'm sure you're wondering if I hopped back onto that "no-poo" train. No, I haven't just yet. I found a wonderful fermented soap-nut based shampoo last year that I am not ready to give up (more on that in a future post).

Bottom Line

You can spend all your money on all the natural bathing products you want, but if you have hard water, your skin and hair will still be miserable in some way. For me, my skin was always dry and itchy. My hair was straw-like sadness, and I had a dandruff covered scalp (more dry skin really). Do yourself a favor - invest the money for a water softening system! Try out the ShowerStick or go whole hog and install a whole house system! Do whatever works for you. Your skin, hair, sanity, and maybe your family, will thank you. :)

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Note: the Water Sticks, Inc. links are not affiliate links nor do we receive any kickbacks from Water Sticks, Inc. Dr. Jason and I want to share our finds and information free and clear, knowing that we are helping our community evolve and live healthy, vibrant lives. We are so thankful that Water Sticks, Inc. and their awesome invention, ShowerStick, exist!

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